Where can I buy SizeVitrexx

This is a very frequently asked question that we always receive almost on a daily basis. People always wonder where to buy SizeVitrexx since it is only available online. Some people ask where to purchase SizeVitrexx other than online, but we tell them every time that it is only available online. We just keep it simple and not have them everywhere so we can keep our authenticity and you know that you are getting the right product.

We have consumers asking us if we sell at convenience stores such as Walgreen, Target, GNC, or any other place that sells over the counter medications. The simple answer to that is no, we do not sell anywhere else other than our website at SizeVitrexx.com. A big reason why is because the authenticity of our product. People would call us saying that they bought SizeVitrexx at their local drug stores, but we tell them that we do not sell them anywhere other than our website. The customers most likely bought some phony product that is pretending to be us. Customers would spend a bunch of money so they can try our product, but they end up with some phony product from people who are trying to make a quick buck. If we start selling them at local stores then people would call us saying that they bought our product, but in fact they bought a phony product. We have a 90 money back guarantee so we won’t be able to offer that to customers if they bought it elsewhere because it is not directly through us. Selling through our website is the best way to avoid these issues and ensure customers are buying the real product.

If we start selling them everywhere then we would have to start raising prices due to all the fees that we would have to pay to get them there. Imagine paying hundreds of dollars for a supplement which could cost a lot less, but instead it is expensive because of all these fees. We want to keep SizeVitrexx affordable to all consumers so that is a big reason why we don’t have them at every store. The best way we can keep SizeVitrexx at such an affordable price is because we only sell it online. Only selling our product online helps us avoid these expensive fees which results a cheaper price for our consumers.

When we ship out our products we ship out in a discreet package meaning that no one will know what is in the package except you. We want customers to feel comfortable when they purchase through us and they have nothing to be embarrassed about. We ship domestic and internationally to most countries depending on your country’s regulations.

Just to ensure that you fully understood where we sell our product and know where you can get our product. We only sell through our website at SizeVitrexx.com and not anywhere else. If you find it at any local store, please be aware of them because they are indeed not our product. Only buy through our website for the authenticate product because you will not be able to purchase SizeVitrexx anywhere else other than SizeVitrexx.comg

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