SizeVitrexx Scam

When you first look to buy SizeVitrexx, you might notice that they are available everywhere online. However, do not be fooled by phony sites that are looking to scam you. There are people out there that know SizeVitrexx is a an absolute incredible product and it is changing the male-enhancement pill industry. So, they will make fake sites or sell on popular merchant sites such as eBay or Amazon. When you purchase from them you might receive some product with our labels and everything, but the pills inside are probably some sugar pills. The best suggestion or advice that we have about buying SizeVitrexx is through our main site at You would not want to deal with fraudsters who are out to hunt vulnerable people and have your money taken away. Then having to call your bank and spending hours talking to different banking representatives figuring our how to get your money back after being scammed. It is a whole issue that you would want to avoid when you could have simply purchased through our website.

There have been issues where customers would buy SizeVitrexx online through phony websites and the scammers would put our customer service number on the websites. Then customers would call us to find out what has happen to their SizeVitrexx and why they have not received their product yet. Then we would try our best to find our their order, but we wouldn’t be able to because they bought it somewhere else. When ever you buy anything online, be diligent and do your research so you are not buying from fake sites. You never know who is out there and you shouldn’t believe everything that you see on the internet. We have many people people calling in asking where there product is and we try our best to help them locate it. Then we ask them where they bought their product and then they tell us that they bought it from some site and it wasn’t ours.  

Please be advised that many customers ask us if we sell at GNC, Target, Walgreens, or any stores that sells supplements. We have very high demand of customers asking us to sell at these convenience stores, but we do not currently sell them at those stores. The only way to purchase our product is through our site. If you ever happen to find it anywhere else then it is a scam.

If you happen to have questions about SizeVitrexx, your best bet is to look for our customer service number and call us about purchasing product. Scammers will never answer phone calls because they will never talk to you and they do not have answers to anything that they don’t sell. We would never send out any robocalls, so if you ever get a robocall from a number then it is not us. Our customer service rep are real people who will help you with any questions you have about our product.

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