SizeVitrexx Before and After Pics

We have received a tremendous amount of before and after pictures for SizeVitrexx. To save you from looking through all these graphic images, we will explain the different changes that you will see when taking SizeVitrexx. When you first start taking SizeVitrexx you will not usually see much size difference in your penis since it is an all natural supplement. As an all natural supplement it takes time to build up in your system and the changes will occur naturally. As your body gets used to the supplement, it will slowly start to build up in your system and your body will naturally adapt to the changes that is causing by SizeVitrexx. The change in your penis size depends on your body chemistry as everybody’s body is different and it reacts differently. Some men might see changes in the first week, while others have to wait for a few weeks before they change.

Within these pictures, men wrote SizeVitrexx testimonials on how much they gained from taking SizeVitrexx and the different outcomes that they have received. Every testimonial is different and none are the same as the outcome varies depending on their body chemistry. We saw some men gaining the most in the first few weeks and some gaining 2 months after they begun taking SizeVitrexx.

In some recent SizeVitrexx result pictures that were sent to us, we have seen some men show signs of growth in the first week. In one testimonial are signs of growth of about 1/2 centimeter and some growth in the girth in the first week. Although the growth is not exponential it is because it has been only the first week and the body is slowly adapting to new chemicals in its system. Later on, these men taking the product for about a month an a half showed about an inch in growth and a substantial amount in the growth of their girth. For the 3 months that these men took SizeVitrexx, there was a total of 3 inches of growth in their penis.

For another before and after picture in a 3 month time period we saw different changes for him. In the beginning results, the men took the product for almost 2 weeks and saw very little change in their size. As they continued taking the product for 1 month, they noticed that their penis size started to change and their body was finally reacting to the ingredients. By the 2nd month of taking SizeVitrexx there was about a 2 inch increase in their Penis. By the 3rd month there was a total of 2 and a half increase in their penis. The biggest size increase that we have seen was 4 inches in length and about half to 3/4th of an inch in girth. It really depends on the person’s body chemistry as some men might see more increase than others.

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