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Many of our international customers are our friendly neighbors up in Canada. We probably received hundreds of orders each day from Canada and they are one of our best international customers. We receive many questions from people asking “Where can I buy SizeVitrexx in Canada?”. Just like in the US you would not be able to find SizeVitrexx in any convenience stores or local pharmacy. Everything could be found online through our website. If you happen to see your local pharmacy selling SizeVitrexx on their counters, our advice is to not buy it. It might not be real and even if it looks very similar we do not advise customers to purchase anywhere else other than our website. If you are wondering where to purchase sizevitrexx in canada, the only place that you should even visit is through the website.

Scammers are very good at stealing information when it comes to international orders. Since Canadian customers are buying internationally, you might feel unsure which sites are real and which are not. Do not fear, since you are probably not the only one feeling suspicious about different sites. The only site that you should and purchase from is We would not have any other site or any other store that sells this. If you happen to find our product through any third party seller then it is most likely not us. We want to keep it simple and sell everything on our only site that sells It might get confusing for many international orders if we sell it on a bunch of different site and we wouldn’t want that. We wouldn’t want our international customers waiting 10-15 business days and to later find out that they bought from a fake site. Not only would they waste time waiting for their package to arrive. They also wasted a bunch of money because the site they bought from was probably a phony one. Just to repeat so that everyone knows the only site to buy from is from

A popular questions that we receive about Canadian orders is how long does shipping take? Most of our international orders takes about 10-15 business days before they arrive to the shipping location. For Canada we have received comments saying that some packages arrive earlier than that. It ultimately depends on where in Canada you are located at and how easy it is to access that location. There has been instances where people have received their packages as early in 6 days. However, our average delivery time takes about 10-15 business days. A lot of Canadian customers do not usually want to wait that long and want to purchase the rush-shipping so that they can expedite their order. However, we do not currently offer rush-shipping for international orders and it is only available for domestic orders. The reason being is because for all international orders they go through customs which we can not control. During customs, government officials make sure that the products are safe for the country and it is nothing illegal in each package. So depending on how long that process takes it will dictate how long your package arrives to you. The reason why it takes so long for international orders to arrive is because they have to go through customs and have to be approved before they get shipped out.

Many customers ask what kind of package they will be receiving their goods in. We understand that everyone wants their privacy and we respect that. We ship in a discreet envelope with only the name and shipping address that you provided. We do not want nosy neighbors getting into our business and wanting to know what you’re getting. We are very discreet and want our customers to feel comfortable when they are purchasing with us.

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