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We worked our tails off to develop the most powerful, healthiest SizeVitrexx ingredients for you. We reviewed all our male enhancement pills we’ve developed in our years of all-natural manufacturing and built on that strong foundation. So, we took all that we learned from the research and body of knowledge we had at the time of each new product, started there, and then added to it the knowledge we’ve gained.

We also had an insight: while we’ve had amazing results all these years, we’re always looking to develop a stronger male enhancement formula with ingredients that surpass what we’ve designed in the past, that race past the competition out there. We’ve seen some serious missing pieces from other products. And we realized that in order to find a way to make something truly set apart, we needed outside expertise.

It wasn’t easy to find the right individuals who could put the kind of knowledge we needed into the product. We passed over scientists that we felt weren’t up to snuff because we wanted the best.

And thanks to our reputation for taking male health and sexual enhancement seriously and successfully, we attracted a team of product engineering rock stars to impart their specific brand of mastery into a super product. They nixed a lot of our ideas. They reviewed our past products and gave us feedback, both what they loved in previous products and what they knew could be better. It was a brainstorm party we never dreamed we would have. They have taught us so much.

While all the ingredients are high grade, top quality, the Star of the show, so to speak, is our specially crafted, patented LJ100. Our science team gave us advice that we really needed this, and not just any “long jack”. We needed LJ100. When we found out what was involved, we were a bit overwhelmed. To get access to include this ingredient involved lots of requests, jumping through hoops, knocking on doors, conversations, and finally lots of signing papers.

The other ingredients are just as top-notch quality. Besides the vitamin Niacin, the other main players comprising the 1454mg of Vasolox Propriety Blend are:

L-Arginine to increase blood flow your man-parts

Aspartic Acid to boost Testosterone

Dried French Maritime Bark Extract (Wow!) to Refresh Youthful Sexual Energy

Butea Superba to Inhibit Erection Killers

And of course, LJ100 for multiple benefits, including Boosting Libido (and Even Fertility rates in many cases!)

While some of the ingredients are “exotic” and come from Malaysia and France, for example, our Science Team screened the quality of it over and over to make sure it was the real thing. And while we gather the best stock from select locations all over the globe, we oversee the manufacturing process right here in the United States to comply with the consultation of our Science Team.

They also made sure to abolish any ingredients that would cause SizeVitrexx side effects. You don’t want that, and we don’t that for you. We find it increasingly an amazing privilege to engineer all-natural male enhancement ingredients blends in one small SizeVitrexx dosage of just 2 pills a day. The dosage may be small, but you won’t be. All that potency in two small capsules a day!

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