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One of the most popular question that we receive about SizeVitrexx is whether or not it is safe to take. The simple answer to that is yes, but I would go into detail of what SizeVitrexx ingredients contain and what it is. SizeVitrexx in an all natural supplement meaning that the ingredients contained in each pill are from natural herbs. It is safe to take and we do not usually get calls about customers being allergic. If you are concern about being allergic to any specific herbs then our best advice moving forward would be consulting your physician about the matter.

The main SizeVitrexx ingredient is LJ100 or its scientific name is eurycoma longifolia. It is a medicinal plant found in South East Asia or specifically found in Malaysia. It is also known as the Malaysian ginseng because of its natural properties that is found in this root. It has been found to improve sexual desire and function, but also found to treat Postpartum depression, malaria, high blood pressure, and fatigue. In today’s day, you would find this root to improve libido and sexual function, restore hormonal balance, enhance sports performance, weight loss, improve physical and mental energy, and overall quality of life.

Customers also wonder how many they should take each day. The recommended SizeVitrexx dosage is either two in the morning or two at night. The important thing is that you are taking two each day and not skipping days. The reason being is so that the supplement can build up in your body and have your body get used to the new supplement. We encourage customers to take SizeVitrexx with grapefruit juice because grapefruit juice has an enzyme properties in it which will help your body better absorb the supplement.

Many people also wonder what the 3 phase vasodynamic amplifier is on the bottle. The 3 phases are engineered and synergestically blended to produce a perfectly-time release of compounds into your system in the exact ratios. Phase 1 is where SizeVitrexx helps with testosterone production. Testosterone build up is very important for sexual desire and sexual ability. This helps with your getting erections getting up faster and harder. Phase 2 is the nitric oxide explosion where there nitric oxide is flood into two chambers of your corpus cavernosa. This helps with the improvement of size, hardness, and pleasure. While in the third phase helps with the decrease and neutralizes your bodies sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). As shbg increases overtime in your body it slowly kills and impacts your erections.

As you continue taking SizeVitrexx, make sure that you are taking the correct dosage each day and it is very important that you don’t skip on any days either. It is sort of like when you’re taking a class and you miss a day of very important information. Since you missed out on that important information you might find it very hard to catch back up. That is the same deal with SizeVitrexx. y

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