SizeVitrexx is a revolutionary new all-natural male enhancement pill that works to help improve male sexual performance as well as erectile hardness, libido, and growth. It has been formulated by many researchers and scientists that have spent vast amounts of time and effort to work to create one of the most ground-breaking male enhancement formulas that currently exists. The formula incorporates ingredients from all over the world, many of which have been exclusively patented due to their increased effectiveness in areas of testosterone production and male enhancement.

To really understand how well a product works, or how effective it will be, the true test is to understand how it was designed. The expert formulators for SizeVitrexx have actually done an amazing job not only researching the formula and ingredients, but also understanding the perfect extract ratios and delivery methods for the product. By taking one look at the SizeVitrexx website,, it becomes clear that there was a large team of researchers invested in creating this unique formula, ranging from professors at M.I.T, to scientists at the Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, and even famous celebrity doctors like Dr. Mark Saginor. These formulators from all over the world have made sure that the SizeVitrexx formula was using some of the strongest and advanced ingredients and methods available.

Many male enhancement pills and supplements on the market often use cheap ingredients that have very little active compounds available in them to make them truly effective. However, the ingredients in SizeVitrexx use some of the highest concentrations available for their extracts, and even some that are exclusive to many exotic regions in the world such as Malaysia. One of the main ingredients used in the formula, LJ100, is an extremely high extract of Eurycoma Longifolia that is sourced directly from Malaysia. This ingredient is actually prized so highly in the country that it is considered a national treasure, and it was only with the co-patent of the extract with M.I.T. that the Malaysian government allowed the extract to be exported. Additionally, other famous researchers such as Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart , who is known for the discovery of the famous Butea Superba and its amazing effects on erectile function, have played a part as well. Both Butea Superba and the famous LJ100 act as some of the most critical extracts in the formula, and act as the backbone of the product to allow for maximum results in terms of sexual male performance. Additionally, these ingredients, along with the other critical ingredients and extracts in the formula, were made sure to be all-natural, completely safe, and are shown to have no known side effects.

Aside from the core team of formulators and clinically studied ingredients, SizeVitrexx has also included a 3-phase delivery system known as the 3 Phase VasoDynamic Size Amplifier.  These 3 separate modes of action work together to allow for perfectly timed release of compounds in your system in the exact ratios and proportions that have been designed by our vast team of researchers. The first phase starts with free testosterone production utilizing the patented LJ100. As the Lj100 works into your system, it helps to boost free testosterone production which allows for bigger and harder erections. After this increased free testosterone rushing through your body, phase 2 allows for a flood of nitric oxide to the two chambers of the penis known as the corpus cavernosa. This flood of nitric oxide is produced from our famous Prelox blend which is a precise ratio of L-Arginine and Pycnogenol. As this unique blend works into your system, the two chambers of the penis begin to initiate an expansion to allow for larger, harder, and more intense erections. The final phase, which is often overlooked in most supplements, is the reduction of SHBG. This unique, bodily made chemical known as the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, is produced in the body overtime and essentially works to reduce strength, power, and size of erections. Fortunately, the critical extract of Butea Superba used in the SizeVitrexx formula works to reduce this chemical, and allow for the strongest and hardest erections available to you.

When you begin to look at all the time and energy that was spent researching, designing, sourcing, and creating the SizeVitrexx formula, the more you see that it is much more than an ordinary sexual performance supplement. The number of reviews that we are sent every day from customers who have seen real results is outstanding. However, with the research and time that went into the SizeVitrexx formula, it seems obvious that we would be receiving this many positive reviews. Ultimately, SizeVitrexx is a male enhancement supplement that really stands out. Our team behind SizeVitrexx has made sure that this cutting-edge male enhancement pill will not only impress you, but allow you to see what a real male sexual performance supplement can really do.

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